Employee Status on E-Commerce


User-friendly project’s value increasing day by day which are high brand equity, attach importance to customer loyalty, present successful profile in digital channel. The company that care more about end user, feel that the one and think about nexts rather than first sold are wins. There is serious raise in budget for Loyalty Projects towards increase of customer loyalty.

But, there is a serious problem that all the companies have it; qualified personnel.

One of the gradually increase vacancy of intermediate staff in Turkey is e-commerce industry. Even e-commerce giants have top of the difficulty to find mature in area of they need, experted staff. Thus, there are to many company that circulating of staff between.

We edit a survey towards e-commerce companies which are be in service in wide range. Our aims are better sight to picture, to see which area of e-commerce industries have difficulty in finding a staff and analyse how they fulfil the needs.

Results are very interesting.

Even fulfil the needs mostly from career site the methods of our traditional side is a lot more outweigh. Asking to acquaintances is more attach importance to criterion to trust staff who will come. Even we love and use the digital channels, digital media still latest in prefered methods.

Most difficulties for companies is to find employee in “software application” area. The second rank is “content and visiual management”. And the third rank is “marketing”.

E-commerce sector experince is the issues we care but doesn’t prevent percentage of hiring via friend at court.

We always have expectation “all in one” staff, do all the running but paid minimum salary staff searching is always valid.

But “Education is a must!” understanding show our faceright here and we prefer the employee which have education in e-commerce area. We fulfil the way with “in company training” for education of our current personnel.

The budget between 1000-1500 TL even we have short-medium-long term staff.
An active role in the growth of companies in abroad “professional advise” need is the primary topic in Turkey which is just beginning to understand the value. Number of companies which are don’t want to miss in general when zooming in picture, make growth plans with alternative view in the light of objective evaluation are majority.