E-commerce projects functionality and safety critical severity which has accepted one of the basic services infrastructure platforms.

The extremely wide scope of these platforms consisit of a variety of applications in itself.
The purpose of this intografi is to serve general informtion about the infrastructure platforms.For this purpose, primarily in the infrastructure platform and general properties of the briefly stated, the process is intended to ease the selection of phase.
E-commerce system which is the basis for infrastructure platforms, the course of the project leading to an important factor. It has a lot of parameters like speed, stability, optimization, availibility, security, resource needs integration and development. In the world of e-commerce infrastructure concept of narrow and wide we can distinguish two different meanings.
The narrow meaning is involve physial status such as searched for the project’s infrasructure servers, labor, research&development and design. Infrastructure in the broadest meaning is or should be,a server,labor, research & development, design, software management (ordering, member, campaign, content) integration, seo compliance and reporting as well as covers the subject. Also related to these issues into digital marketing knowledge and skills and customer service also refers.
In Turkey at the moment 300 differrent software infrastructure is available. Of these approximately 50 of them are often preferred.The first 10 is 60% of the market dominates. Open source code with sysytems that are running in the market of up to 10% is observed. So many softwarefrom which the platform to the project and in accordance with the information to decide on the terms of the technologies to determine how powerfull you are.
Prepared e-commerce packages, with open source code softwares or doing specific software for project is available in three different topics.In the stage of making decision make your voting based on these 4 notion; labor, time, total cost and ability to respond and choose your platform you best be quick before somebody else make real your ideas.