Management and General

1. The sales of my web site is too low, what can you do for it?

– In despite of affect many parameter the most common problems are towards reliability of site and availability. Due to these problems the sales are become weak. We are analysing in detaile to understand the problem before and after sale with sapareting processes two part within both the technical and costomer services. Reporting in the way what is the matter, what and how to do necessarily. If you wish, you can complete your next requirement with us full scope sevice.

2. I'm not satisfied with e-commerce software, what can you offer?

– We have 3 different solutions about software. Pre-packaged products that we partner with, open source code software (magento, opencart, wordpress etc.) and we are helping you to make the right choice according to your project with your own software options. You can have an easier business experience connecting complex process to automation such as ERP and XML integration.

3. In which area can i get service from you?

– You can find any area solution from a to z even to start a new or an established order in e-commerce field. Therefore you can research the our existing solution or value-added services.

4. How does the pricing of services of management?

– The pricing divide into two;

1. Remuneration will be charged from the pre-tax on the net-profit that the sales deal by continuation rates.

2-According to workload remuneration reserving instead of defined per mounth fixed fee.

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5. I'm looking for qualified employee who is manage my estore web site, can you help me?

– Our company don’t offer job placement services. On the other hand less than holding qualified employee cost but with more professional solutions we are deduct your expense. As a result of our research, business owners want to employee who is versatile and keep up everyting. Barely this come up work doesn’t satisfactory. You can contact with us if you want to avoid losses of time and money that originating from personnel.

6. I want to memorable and introduce my web site, what is the most effective marketing method?

– There are more than one methods to reach your target audience in the e-commerce world. As can be noted the most important ones are certainly PPC sevices (adwords), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media and e-mail marketing. To use every marketing channel can upgrade your expenses but with channel specific work correctly can increase your income. You can profit by our services in the way that to select the most optimum digital marketing channels and aply with the right result.

7. How can i measure my services efficiency after sale?

– Our Confidential/Phantom customer services provides to you information that you need to control and measure service efficiency after sale. This is very effective to control services quality that you serve your customer. Provides to you right staff in the the right place and also increase the staff’s performance. You can check the trainings which is take from your staff or process if it’s applicate in a right way or not.

8. I want to get control in general to my ecommerce web site, are you doing?

– You can get full control for this topic to use our e-commerce check up services that we prepare privately and evaluate trough the 9 category in 5 different level. Your project reported to you evaluating by experienced industry expert in a shotest time. Click here for more information.

9. Is it important the software that i use to work with you?

– We can serve to you with every software that able to meet basic requirements.

10. I want to train or raise my staff, do you have any operation interested in?

– We are available on the e-commerce and digital marketing area with designed special to foundation and on-site training system close by 30 topic for your staff or management team. You can join training programs between 3-600 hours as a result of that we arrange training activities with many university and association. Start your email subscription now to follow up current events.

Services and Contents

1. E-commerce Software

Software is the one of the basic service that has accepted critical significance level in terms of project of e-commerce functionality and security. The scope of our services are quit extensive and consist various application in their own. We are offer the softwares that we improve on Php and .Net with development and technical support guarantee during 2 years.

2. Research Design and Production

Waiting for you to share any design information and experience you may needs like interface, template and banne. All that works presenting with admiration guarantee.

3. Social Media Marketing

The social media channel that keep active impress your customer decisions in a positive way. Espacially the brands which are want to interacting with target audience and sharing campaigne and content announcement surviving in this channels. We are organizing entegrated campaignes and contribure your sales to reach new customers and keep in reserve the existing ones. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin are our favorite channels.

4. E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketting is one of the most prefferred appication to get new customers and to be memorable. We are developing various campaigne to get maximize e-mail database or to segment. Taking all the controls to get maximal come-back with preparing e-mail template, visual and contents that we send opportunity bulletin to you privately. You can see in detail who, from where, which device, how many times opened after sending reporting.

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5. Search Engine (SEO & SEM)

We are aware of visibility and availability importance very well. With our expert team about SEM and SEO (Search Engine Marketing and Optimization) notion like up-to-date contents, flexible algorithms, cost per click are quit being a problem and we are making right choice on behalf of you to prividing interactive high traffic.

6. Contents Regulation and Development

When producing textual content which has an importance in search engine and target audience, we use our extensive sectoral experience. Thus, faultless, apparent and suitable to aim content is produced. Making tiny distinctions either regulation of product descriptions or creation of campaigne content.

7. Product Photography

Customer can not touch the product so then they want to research blow-by-blow before the buying. High quality and with more than one picture products have a very high selling capability. According to company’s products 360 degrees, with mannequin, white background, ghost shooting, hollow punches operations process applied. Images are compressed and optimized specifically. In this way increasing the site’s opening speed and the SEO capabilities.

8. Integration

You can integrate the accounting program that you use to manage your business system of crm or erp to e-store. So your customers do not order the product which is not in the store. You will make things easier to seeing orders from your system automatically. You can sale your products easily with XML integration to other company or or you can add other products to your company’s system smoothly.


1. Why should i move my business to the internet?

  1. Your instutitutional image is strengthened
  2. You can have 24 hour accessibility
  3. You can give better support to your customers
  4. Easy transition with low input costs
  5. You can get new sales and marketing channels
  6. You can be accessed from anywhere
  7. Deduct operating costs
  8. You can open up to international markets
  9. Changing shopping habit

2. What can I do to increase my turnover of e-commerce?

  1. Analyzing existing business processes
  2. Target and strategy conversion
  3. Interaction with social media
  4. Interaction with email marketing
  5. Development of product photograps
  6. Increase the availability of site
  7. Campaigns and events application
  8. Logistics and customer service improvements
  9. Measuring the efficiency of the work done

3. What should be my priority while I manage to my e-store?

  1. To produce the active content of the site
  2. Organizing campaigne
  3. Renewed graphics and text work
  4. To increase the store visitors
  5. To take and transmit right order
  6. Announcement of innovations and campaigns
  7. Customer relationship management
  8. Supervision and control of web site
  9. Measurement of customer’s satisfaction

4. How to get external support has an advantages?

  1. Control and easiness of management
  2. Progress with the targets and strategies
  3. Motivational contribution
  4. Financial contribution
  5. Staff training
  6. Saving of time
  7. Optimizing the workload
  8. Network effects and support
  9. Professional services