We Clarified the Product Photography for E-commerce


Your e-commerce customers want to research products down to the last detail thats because of they unable to touch like offline world. Thus, Product photography has a special significance. Even if you have wonderful atractive page design or the other services that you provide these are only for attract customer towards product page. . Give to enough visual information in the product detail page is the most important equipment to create purchase desire.

Quality of your product photography is the mirror of your importance that you give to work. Best way to take attention for sure when used correctly. Customers can understand immediately if your photograps pretended or belong to others or not and mark your professionalism. Referring to your mark customers either leave from your site or to turn towards the payment page.

Photography is play to the brain. So requires be thoughtful and make fiction. For instance, life style, purchace power, tastes or takes photos that consepts about gender of potential mass that will buy your product create purchase decision affecting the subconscious. In short a picture worth a thousand words.

We aimed to remark to making a mistakes and give a tip with infographics towards to product photography about industry.

Generally most common mistakes are wrong lens choice, wrong camera choice, wrong camera usage. These will leads to have different color than the actual color image and/or leads to a blurred image.

Most important point of the shots is background of the all products should be the same. This is a very frequent error. This is because of wrong light setting. With regard to all product, lenght of the product, shot angle and size should be make light setting as well as machine setting. This work takes forever thus no one are not doing these settings takes all products just in one setting. For instance: if you take same shoes’s red as well as blue one machine and light rate should be different. Even so in general photograph setting doing one time and just changing the product going to be completed.

You can contact with us for all your questions about infographics that you will find below according to industries.

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