Let’s manage together your ecommerce store

You can profit from services regardless at which stage your business which is serving by İkidilim.

Our e-store management services completely consist of protect of your project reputation and increase your sales with rational and economic solutions.


Our e-commerce store management services include all processes that your company’s need in this online world.
Thus you can make it economical solutions on several issues such as employee failure and lack of time.

E-Commerce Software

Software is the one of the basic service that has accepted critical significance level in terms of project of e-commerce functionality and security. The scope of our services are quit extensive and consist various application in their own. We are offer the softwares that we improve on Php and .Net with development and technical support guarantee during 2 years.

Research Design and Production

Waiting for you to share any design information and experience you may needs like interface, template and banne. All that works presenting with admiration guarantee.

Social Media Marketing

The social media channel that keep active impress your customer decisions in a positive way. Espacially the brands which are want to interacting with target audience and sharing campaigne and content announcement surviving in this channels. We are organizing entegrated campaignes and contribure your sales to reach new customers and keep in reserve the existing ones. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin are our favorite channels.

E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketting is one of the most prefferred appication to get new customers and to be memorable. We are developing various campaigne to get maximize e-mail database or to segment. Taking all the controls to get maximal come-back with preparing e-mail template, visual and contents that we send opportunity bulletin to you privately. You can see in detail who, from where, which device, how many times opened after sending reporting.

Search Engine (SEO & SEM)

We are aware of visibility and availability importance very well. With our expert team about SEM and SEO (Search Engine Marketing and Optimization) notion like up-to-date contents, flexible algorithms, cost per click are quit being a problem and we are making right choice on behalf of you to prividing interactive high traffic.

Contents Regulation and Development

When producing textual content which has an importance in search engine and target audience, we use our extensive sectoral experience. Thus, faultless, apparent and suitable to aim content is produced. Making tiny distinctions either regulation of product descriptions or creation of campaigne content.

Product Photography

Customer can not touch the product so then they want to research blow-by-blow before the buying. High quality and with more than one picture products have a very high selling capability. According to company’s products 360 degrees, with mannequin, white background, ghost shooting, hollow punches operations process applied. Images are compressed and optimized specifically. In this way increasing the site’s opening speed and the SEO capabilities.


You can integrate the accounting program that you use to manage your business system of crm or erp to e-store. So your customers do not order the product which is not in the store. You will make things easier to seeing orders from your system automatically. You can sale your products easily with XML integration to other company or or you can add other products to your company’s system smoothly.